iPad Teaching

I finally finished my new ebook about iPad Teaching.

It took quite some time to write and for editing. As a result, I'm only releasing it on Smashwords so please access it using the link below. I suggest ePub.


Book updates

I have updated all the books for Smashwords and have, so far, updated these using Papyrus.

Smashwords is fine for ePub but I like the look of these PDFs versions.

Please click on the links below.





My favourite online site this term has been Newsmart.

If you teach Business English, you should check it out.

PDF here
ePub here

You can take a look at one of my 2 hour group debate/discussion lessons here which uses a Newsmart article.


I have edited, improved and uploaded all my ebooks to Smashwords.

You can access them in all formats with the link below.

If you prefer PDFs, please download them from here.

Thanks for your support and good luck if you are or are going to use Smashwords.


Business English Teaching

My latest ebook is for newish BE teachers and my new editor helped make it happen.

Get the PDF here.

ePub here.

The answers to the questions are: Management, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Communications, Finance, Legal (Law), Tourism, Information Technology.

TEFL Teacher Tips

Here is a crowdsourced TD ebook me and some new and old friends made last week.

Hope you like it!

Click here for the PDF.

This is for the epub.

Thanks to Laura, Barry, Noreen, Michael and David for taking part!

It is amazing what a few dedicated teachers can accomplish in a short space of time.