Who and why?

I have worked in ELT, mainly Business English, for several years in different roles. I have been interested in specialised Business English TD ebooks for the past couple.

I approached a few organisations about writing and publishing such books but not many people seemed interested due to the shortness of the books, the very specialised audience and the ebook format. Thus, I have decided to write and release what I had in mind myself. They may not be 'publisher standard' but I hope they are interesting.

The 10 minute format is because I think few of us have time to sit through a huge book and we only need the essentials. As teaching professionals, we don't want to read chapter after chapter about one thing, we are savvy enough to take what we need and use/apply it.

I plan to write about 10 BE TD ebooks and then maybe some about other subjects such as ESP, BE teacher training and teaching adults.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you like the books.

You can read them on any device as a PDF or as an iBook on an iOS device. Just download the ePub version and open it as an iBook.

-Phil Wade

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